Donation Days are Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturday from 10AM to 4PM! Please only bring items during these days, we will not accept items donated on Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you!

We accept items that have been gently used or new. We are unable to sell items that do not fit these descriptions. 

Items we accept:

Housewares:(mugs, plates, kitchen counter appliances, etc)

Books: Paperbacks and Hardbacks. We do not accept encyclopedias or magazines. We do not accept books that have basement damage.

Shoes: Shoes in great condition, all seasons. 

Art: We accept art in all sizes, as well as frames. 

Linens:We accept sheets, blankets, comforters, bath towels and other additional linens. We DO NOT accept sleeping pillows unless new and in a unopened package. We also do not sell any linens with stains or holes.

Kids: We accept gently used kids items and clothing. Toys, Books, clothing and shoes.

Clothes: We accept all types clothing of all seasons, anytime of the year. This includes accessories like hats, belts, bras and socks. 

Jewelry: We love jewelry!

Items we do not accept includes: medical devices, furniture, large appliances, food and beverages as well as children's items such as highchairs and carseats.

If you are unsure of an item or its condition, please call us and we will be more than happy to speak with you!

We appreciate the donations we receive and could not at all run our shop without them, but we do ask to please consider the condition of items donated before they are dropped off. We love to sort out items but it also takes a lot of work. By only providing us with gently used items, it saves us a lot of time which means we can give more time to pricing items for the shop! 

We do not resell houseware items that are broken and not working. We also do not resell housewares that are chipped, such as broken glassware. It is unsafe for staff and volunteers of the Hospice Shop to handle as well as customers of the shop. 

Please only donate clothing that is in good condition. This means no stains, holes or clothes with strong smells such as moth balls or cigarettes. If your clothes have been stored in a wet basement and not properly stored, we unfortunately cannot sell these items.